Canada Bound

November 16 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada

Today is my youngest brother, Ryan’s birthday. In the weirdest way he was always the oldest of the Kerns brothers. There are three of us to be exact and we all played together in a band called Static In Stereo which is tattooed on my left forearm to signify it’s importance to me. I also have four cards on my left bicep that are all Kings to signify the four men of the Kerns family with the Ks, my brothers and our father. On the inside of my left bicep is my Mother’s name, Patty, which is also my Grandmother’s name. Two birds with one stone with that one.
Ryan co wrote a great deal of the SIS cd, Blow Up Doll (which made it’s way to Exile On Fremont Street from the Sin City Sinners), No Reply etc. I remember when he was born and I’m happy to see him enjoying his birthday today. Happy Birthday, lil’ bro!

We’ve been hard at it rehearsing new songs for the upcoming Conspirators record. The skeleton crew of us have been holed up at our studio in North Hollywood plugging away. We have as many songs as days we’ve been rehearsing. Somewhere in the area of 16-17 songs. By Wednesday there could be as many as 20. It’s fierce and strong and I think it’s going to be even better than Apocalyptic Love and that’s saying a lot.
Myles will join us in December between Alter Bridge dates and start Myles-ifying them up. No one does it better than him.

Soon I’ll be heading back to the Motherland of Canada for a string of dates WITH friends and FOR friends. Leaving the warmth of California and Nevada for a November in Canada may seem madness but I couldn’t be more excited.
For years Brent Fitz and I have been playing Canadian cover songs at benefits in Winnipeg and Calgary to raise money for important causes. It had originated as Coverboy with Brent Fitz and WWE’s Chris Jericho. Both from Winnipeg, incidentally. When I became part of the picture Chris was far too busy to join us. Over the years we’ve had a lot of people come and go like John Angus from The Trews but the guitar spot has always belonged to Cory Churko from Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson. Cory is from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and I’ve known him since he was 14 years old. That’s a long time ago. His brother is Kevin Churko, producer of Five Finger Death Punch and many others. Talented boys.
On bass we have the greatest bass player in the world. The fact that you don’t know him is immaterial. He just IS. Spider was the bass player for Canadian legends, Streetheart and is currently the bass player for Loverboy (get it? Coverboy? Loverboy? Ah? Ah?) In Calgary one of my best friends in the entire world, Reed Shimozawa, will be playing guitar in place of Cory who has his own bidness to attend to that night. That is going to be a blast.
So if you are in Regina November 22nd come down to the Artful Dodger for a great cause to help raise money for Kid Sport. Then the next night in Calgary at the Marquee.
We are doing a bevy of classic Canadian stuff. Real deep cuts from April Wine, Loverboy, Chilliwack, Kim Mitchell, The Guess Who, Streetheart, Kick Axe, Trooper, Bryan Adams…etc etc etc.
Maybe even an AOE song. Ya never know…
It’s going to be an amazing time and for a wonderful cause. I’m really looking forward to hanging with the guys. I haven’t been in Regina for a thousand years. I lived there for a few years back in the day. The Dahle brothers from the Age Of Electric are from Regina. I have amazing friends there. Can’t wait to catch up.

Then from there I am on a string of my own acoustic shows starting at The Trop in Calgary on November 24th. It’s an intimate place and a free show so it’s going to be an epic night. Reed is going to be with me that night so he’ll be sitting in for a few songs.
From there I’m off to the great city of Winnipeg to spend a day with some students at an amazing music school called the Music Cellar. Brent Fitz has done a lot with those people and they were kind enough to ask me to come down. I’m honored.
The next night I’ll be at my old stomping grounds the world famous Palomino Club in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’ve never done an acoustic show in Winnipeg. That’s gonna be a trip. Can’t wait. Gonna have to relearn some old songs cuz I know my friends will be digging deep with the requests.

There is still one more acoustic show that is being saved as a surprise announcement but suffice it to say I’m ending my trip in Vancouver…if that isn’t hint enough… I’m really excited about getting to see all my Canadian brethren and getting to celebrate together through the majesty of song!

So from there I’ll be back in LA with my co-Conspirators writing and rehearsing, then to Vancouver for Xmas then back to Vegas to sit in with my brothers in Sin, The Sin City Sinners for New Years Eve.
And just like that 2013 will be in the history books. And what a year it has been.

It’s been a lot of fun over these past couple of months sitting in with the Sinners very randomly and unexpected. I’m happy to make the people who like to talk have to rethink things. The Sinners are family. They are my brothers. We always will be. I sit in when I can. The next time will be New Years Eve at the Lounge in the Palms Casino. Gonna be off the chain.
Brent Muscat and I started the band 6 years ago and along the way a lot of great friends have come and gone but the ones who stayed have been Doctor Ellis and Rob Cournoyer. And in my absence the great Zach Throne has taken the helm.
People like to create rivalries where there are none. Zach was at my house last night watching a box of the Simpsons dvds with me. He comes over every Sunday to do so. He is one of my favorite people as they all are. Can’t forget Jason. Without him there would be no Sinners.
If you wanna see the original SIN see you New Years Eve in Vegas.

Coming down the pipeline-

1. Confessional-Live In Vegas (live recording). I was hoping to have it mixed and released before the end of the year. That may be pushed back but it is still priority one!

2. TKO-An album started 10 years ago!!! Finally being finished, mixed, mastered and released in 2014 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of my first solo album, Go Time!
I am extremely proud of the TKO record featuring my dear friend, Reed Shimozawa. It is something like 15 songs long and it is some of my favorite music I’ve ever created. Stay tuned.

3. The book is still in the works. Never a dull moment, friends.

Anyway, back to reality. Have an amazing American Thanksgiving while I’m in Canada.
Canada, see you soon!

big Big BIG LOVE!
Your loyal and humble servant
Todd Who?
Todd Mothafuckin Dammit
That’s who!

Don’t be a stranger but by all means be strange

5 Responses to Canada Bound

  1. Dearest Todd,
    It’s so good to have a new blog post from you! I’ve been missing you.
    Have a great time in these last six weeks of the year! I can’t wait for you guys to do all the Slashifying, Mylesifying, Toddifying and Fitzifying required for the new album. Then I hope to see you again on the road in 2014!!!
    Big big love to you from

  2. Avatar @meetsdeadlines
    @meetsdeadlines says:

    Just sat down with my second cup this rainy morning, and I thought, it’s about time for Todd to post again, I wonder if he’s thinking the same. Very much enjoy your songs, because you do really cool things with them – colors – makes my brain happy to hear colors.

    You know, reading up on the tour posts over the last years and seeing the vids fans post, I do sort of wish I had the $ to travel to Europe or South America or Australia to be part of those audiences. Music is truly alive in those places! Sometimes I wonder about things here in the US :( Hoping things change here, and soon!

    Have a great time back in the Motherland :)

  3. Avatar AttilaRock
    AttilaRock says:

    I hate repeating myself telling something I said yet “like a broken record”….BUT…dude…we (fanfriends) can think :”oh…look…Todd is just enjoying some ‘slowdown time’…yes…he’s working on next Slash’s record…but…yeah…seems just a ‘slowdown’ time…”…and: BOOM! NO! SYSTEM FAILURE!
    You’re doing a lot of stuff, creating new projects and havin fun with it. Without losing your personality and caring about your roots. That’s why I want to say again: thank u, inspirational dude.
    And I want to say too: enjoy some “coming back” time (even if you once said you’ll never coming back, but that was “just” a song, don’t ya?); enjoy the end of the year and relax…because on 2014 we want see your mug around, dude! Enough with that! :)


  4. Have a great time in Canada and who knows I might run into you in Cali somewhere. I will be around Burbank and North Hollywood. Anyway have a Merry Christmas and see you on New Years Eve!

    I wish you that you recognize all challenges which lie in front of you and that you manage to accept these and to convert positively to grow on it.But don’t forget- always with a smile…
    Have a wonderful day and party on!